When a man is running a business, such as e-commerce, the company is obliged to deliver and ship the goods that has been sold. In case of this type of services from the logistics side, it is important to remember the proper storage and dispatch of the goods. Here, the dropshipping can solve the problem of storage of materials and all the logistics associated with it.

Dropshipping is one of the online selling models that can be used to run one’s own online store. In such model the whole process of shipping the goods is transferred to the supplier who is responsible for the forwarding, logistic companies, transport companies and warehouses. So if you run an online store and use dropshipping you will only be responsible for collecting orders and shipping them to the supplier. The seller in this case is just a middleman between the wholesaler and the customer and does not have to worry about domestic or international transport. The sales process in dropshipping can be described in 7 steps:

  • Pick up an online order.
  • Check availability of goods in stock.
  • The wholesaler informs the seller about whether the product is available.
  • Acceptation of the order from the customer and then reservation of a specified quantity of products (if they are available).
  • Accepting payments from the customer.
  • Shipping charges to the wholesalers.
  • Shipping the goods to the customer by the rented warehouse.

Dropshipping, like other sales systems, has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is lack of necessity to invest in goods that we buy from logistic companies, only if the customer buys the product. Second, there is no transaction fee, so we are not charged any additional costs. Cooperation is also free of charge (only margin). We also save on hiring additional people responsible for packing or preparing shipments. In dropshipping, we have to control and supervise the logistic company we work with. We are certainly attached to it in some way, but if we choose a solid, trustworthy and competent logistics center we will certainly avoid all problems associated with it.

Dropshiping, otherwise known as Drop Shipment, is a quintessential solution dedicated to the online sales model. This is a way in which, in particular, companies without large capital can become modern and save hundreds of thousands of dollars on storage costs. Shipping by logistic companies will save you time, which you can use for some other things.


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