Duty Free Zone

Duty Free Zone – goods within the Free Zone are not charged with any taxes or customs. The storage of consignment goods is not limited by time, which means that such goods may be sold on the Polish or foreign market later.

Duty Free Zone enables the following:

  • Paying customs and tax fees when the goods are admitted for trading,
  • The possibility to take out and clear goods in batches,
  • Unlimited storage time,
  • Possibility of dividing large deliveries into small consignments,
  • No requirement for submitting security for customs and tax fees for the time of storage,
  • Possibility for cooperation with foreign companies which are not registered in Poland.

Duty Free zone is a perfect solution for companies importing goods from outside of the European Union.

Services performed by Customs Agency:

  • Customs clearance
  • Declarations on excise duty
  • Economic procedures
  • INTRASTAT operations
  • Possibility of using customs debt security
  • Guarantee under the common transit procedure
  • Customs advisory.