Gliwice Port Station after reconstruction

The Gliwice Port station, after the completed ┬áreconstruction is prepared for service of up to 6 depots. Communication with the railway line No. 137 Katowice – Legnica through the electrified junction No. 675 Szobiszowice – Gliwice Port. The station has lighting and turnouts with electric heating.
The Gliwice Port station has surface made according to construction standards for the 2.3 class track with an axle load of 221 kN (22.5 t).
The lengths of the electrified tracks are:
Track No. 1: 780 meters,
Track No. 2: 779 meters,
Track No. 3: 780 meters,
Track No. 4: 662 meters,
Track No. 6: 594 meters,
Track No. 8: 525 meters.
The railway siding of the Silesian Logistics Center connected directly to the station has the status of a Service Facilit and operates on the basis of the Regulations published on the website
The siding operator provides railway carriers with:
– accepting depots and wagon groups, loaded and empty,
– maneuver work using own locomotive and maneuver team,
– access to tracks for parking of wagons.


If you have any queries regarding the offer or need any further information, please find the direct contact information below. You will be provided with professional, nice and helpful service.

Contact info

44-100 Gliwice, ul. Portowa 28
+48 32 30 18 402


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