General Cargo

Expanding the infrastructure of the Silesian Logistics Centre Joint Stock Co., we focus on our customers. Building another technologically advanced class A warehouse, we wanted to create the optimal conditions for the development for manufacturers, importers and distributors. The new facility is available for both rail and road transport. The warehouse is localized in the Duty Free Zone, what enables our partners to achieve benefits in the form of deferred payment of customs duties and taxes. Due to the used solutions, and dedicated WMS software, SCL JSC increase the efficiency of work and the usage of the available space.


The purpose of the facility is storing and handling of industrial, neutral goods, paper goods and food products. Loading and unloading take place in 16 docks designed for trucks and on the roofed, 103 m long railway platform – directly from the six Hbbillns 2 axis goods wagons or four habbins – type 4 axis goods wagons. The new infrastructure allows a multi-modal transport, such as handling full block trains, groups of wagons and distributing goods by trucks. The warehouse is equipped with high storage racks and other facilities enhancing security and storage standards, such as:

  • Warehouse Management System
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Modern cargo handling equipment

Site summary

The facility consists about 11 500 m² of usable area and includes:

  • Storing area – 10 000 m2
  • Office and social area – 1 500 m2
  • Car parks, roads, maneuvering yards – 11 650 m2
  • Railways and loading platforms – standard track railway siding – 103 lm
  • Biologically active area – 6 600 m²

Added services in warehouses:

  • labeling
  • co-paking
  • packaging
  • picking
  • palletizing
  • stowaging cargo in containers
  • fulfillment.


This new investment is located in the territory of Silesian Logistic Centre JSC in Gliwice, Portowa 28 Street within the duty-free zone. The project`s great potential is enhanced by its excellent location and connection to the system of national roads and motorways: A1 and A4 as well as the central highway (DTŚ).



If you have any queries regarding the offer or need any further information, please find the direct contact information below. You will be provided with professional, nice and helpful service.

Contact info

44-100 Gliwice, 28 Portowa street
+48 32 30 18 402

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