General Cargo

Our Silesian Logistics Centre is constantly developing. We make sure that the quality of our services is always at the highest level. For this purpose, we are expanding our infrastructure by introducing adequate technological solutions. One of them is the General Cargo warehouse adapted to road and rail transport, intended for the storage and transshipment of various types of industrial products.

It is worth noting that the location of the Silesian Logistics Centre is in the Duty Free Zone. This makes it possible to postpone payment date of customs and tax duties.

Another extremely important advantage of our company is the use of innovative WMS warehouse management software, which optimizes the cost of warehousing through, inter alia, proper use of warehouse space.

Scope of services at the General Cargo warehouse:

  • Storage and transshipment of industrial, neutral and food goods,
  • Unloading and loading may be performed with the use of trucks and rail cars.
  • The warehouse has 16 docks and a specially roofed railway ramp with a length of 103 m,
  • The General Cargo warehouse enables the transport and service of complete train sets or groups of wagons and the distribution of goods by road.

The warehouse is equipped with high storage racks and the following elements increasing safety and storage standards:

  • Warehouse Management System
  • CCTV monitoring
  • modern handling equipment

Additional services available at the General Cargo warehouses:

  • labelling,
  • cross docking,
  • packaging,
  • picking,
  • forming a pallet unit,
  • stowage of cargo in containers.

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