After 5 years the waterway transport is active again

After five years of break, the first barges sailed from Gliwice on Friday to the electricity plant in Wroc┼éaw. Each of the six barges transported 330 tons of coal. Coal came from the Gliwice So┼Ťnica Mine and was loaded onto a 40-wagon train composed of wagons of the Fas┬átype (this type of wagon is equipped with four folding buckets, their unloading is carried out by moving the bucket over the barge and opening under the barge). The operator of the crane was an experienced employee of the Silesian Logistics Centre JSC┬á– Mr. Piotr Pater.
This year about 20 thousand tons per month to Wroclaw are planned to be shipped. The distance between Gliwice and Wroclaw is about 200 km to overcome for barges. The cruise needs to pass through 27 locks.
The next transshipment will take place at 30 week of 2017.