Customs Agency


Customs Agency of the Silesian Logistics Centre JSC has the status of authorized AEO entrepreneur, which means special facilitations regarding the registration of authorizations and the possibility of acting as a professional customs representative.We kindly invite you to request us to conduct the registration procedure in the e-Customer service, obtain the Economic Operator Registration Index (EORI number) and current customs and tax services.Imported non-EU goods should be submitted to inspection to the customs authorities – notify them of their arrival and availability of customs control. There is a Free Customs Area in the Silesian Logistics Centre which will enable you to postpone the payment of customs and fiscal duties for the time of storage – payment of the charge will take place when the goods are released into circulation.In the area of ​​the Silesian Logistics Centre JSC the Customs Department in Gliwice has its headquarters. We are distinguished by constant cooperation with customs and tax services, which significantly speeds up the customs operations we undertake.

We focus on the needs of each customer, and our operational capabilities allow us to be flexible and to tailor our offer to individual requirements.

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