Gliwice Port

The Port of Gliwice is the largest and most universal inland port in Poland. The Odra Waterway starts in Gliwice, connecting Upper Silesia with the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście and connected with the network of Western Europe canals. The first 41 km of the Odra Waterway is the Gliwice Canal, built together with the Port of Gliwice in 1933-39. The port’s reloading capacity at the time of commissioning was approximately 2 million tons of bulk goods per year. The main goods transhipped were: coal, iron ore and steel products. The current reloading capacity of the Port of Gliwice is 1,600,000 tons of bulk goods per year.

According to the AGN convention, the Port of Gliwice is catalogued under the registration number P 30-01-01.

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