Safe ADR

This service is dedicated to customers from the chemical sector – storage of dangerous goods, including the following ADR classes: 3, 6, 8 and 9. The modern A class warehouse ensures the maximum safety for dangerous products.


  • Sprinkler installation which responds only in hazardous zones,
  • Non-dusty and tight floor topping,
  • Floor covered with anti-electrostatic layer,
  • Tank for possible leakages or water from sprinkler installation,
  • Ventilation enabling the exchange of the entire air from the warehouse within one hour,
  • Smoke flaps,
  • Failure prevention plan,
  • Fenced area, secured and monitored 24h by a professional security company,


  • Modern A class warehouse,
  • Storage area – 5 800 pallet lots,
  • High storage racks,
  • Monitored and regulated temperature area,
  • Monitored humidity system,
  • Docks for front unloading and a gate for side unloading,
  • Railway ramp,
  • Maneuvering site and parking places,
  • Qualified team and modern warehouse equipment,
  • On-line access to warehouse stock information.


  • Dangerous goods storage,
  • Added services: re-packing, goods palletizing, labelling, packing, order completing, etc.,
  • Unloading, loading, direct handling of goods,
  • Goods issuance in accordance with FIFO or FEFO rules.



If you have any queries regarding the offer or need any further information, please find the direct contact information below. You will be provided with professional, nice and helpful service.

Contact info

44-100 Gliwice, 28 Portowa street
+48 32 30 18 402


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